Adstat is a Trending Platform to Make Money Online in Nigeria

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Adstat is an affiliate network and an advertising agency based in Nigeria. It’s regarded as a platform where people promote people.

On Adstat, you make money by choosing and reposting adverts and posters you like, on your network (WhatsApp, Social media etc) and you get paid for each people you successfully referred or recommended that advert or product to. That is, people who clicked your link, as well as people who took an action.

Adstat simplified the program so well that you just have to choose your location when registering and upon successful registration, you’ll be mailed your regional group link. Group admins retrieve current adverts and share them in the group and all you have to you is reshare.

A dashboard containing useful statistics as well as your earnings can be accessed upon login to the website. Minimum withdrawal is 2,000 NGN.

The Uniqueness of Adstat

It’s extremely easy to use You get paid as well when you register an advert for yourself or for someone We have a 24/7 standby assistant on Facebook Messenger Visit Adstat website here


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